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Text: Lea R. | Pics: Drew Kaplan

Summer! German highway (construction everywhere), many miles ahead. France!

After hearing about the Nationalmoutarde Crit some years ago, Filip convinced us to plan it in our race calendar for 2018. 500 km already down, we decided to stay for the night at our friend Jason’s place in Wiesbaden. After a heavy breakfast we continued our way. It was hot and sunny, and still many miles to Dijon! We arrived in Dijon an Friday afternoon and parked our van on the camping site, that the organizers of the race had provided. Thank you Maxime! We took our bikes and went for a quick spin, got registered for the race and joined the pre party for some much needed cold beers.

Saturday, race day! The course was on an abandoned military airfield. 1km, technical, with two hairpins, some fast curves and a straight finishing line. Fast!!!The qualifiers made you qualify for the Super Finale, A Finale and B Finale. Because we were all under the 13 fastest in our groups, we all made it to the SuperFinale! Topnice!

Filip got sick a week before the race, which showed in the Finale where his legs just couldn’t handle it anymore and he got overlapped midway through, but still having fun. Jan had some technical problems with his pedals in the qualifiers. Starting from the back, he had to work his way up, with a too heavy gear. The heat didn’t make the situation any better. Unfortunately everything combined made him finish the race early.

But the course had everything Timon favourse! A fast course, meaning you could push yourself each round to your limit. Timon decided to go “easy” in the qualifier, to conserve his strength for the finale. Which proved to be a good idea. Still feeling very confident after winning in Hannover, Timon attacked as often as possible. With this high tempo and a starting field on a Red Hook level, every attack was blocked immediately! He stayed at the front and gave it all for the finishing sprint. Even though sprinting is not his strongest discipline, he made a strong 5th place!!!

France was an amazing experience!!! Amazing weather, best of company, great race, a really cool After Race Party and beautiful people. We will be Back!!

Filip, Jan and Timon!